Savings Superhero

Where in your hero hideout do you keep your money?

Behind every superhero is a powerful mentor. Who taught you everything you know about finances?

What are you currently saving for?

What do you WISH you were saving for?

When you’re out of your superhero cape and suit, what is your dream job like?

If you had a million dollars you would...

You're leaving the house to save the world, what do you have in your wallet?

Savings Superhero
The Extrovert

You match with: Batman/Bruce Wayne; Iron Man/Tony Stark, Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards; Iron Fist/Danny Rand -- If you got it, flaunt it! You’re going to save the world, and you’re going to look good doing it. The biggest concern you have with your savings account (whether earned or inherited) is what larger-than-life purchase you want to use it for next. Your person, your home, and your office are decked out in the latest gadgets and scientific progressions. Yet, underneath the layers of fashion and hi-tech toys, you have a deep personal connection to helping your community and are a dedicated supporter of your favorite charity and cause. You know you’ve made a real difference for those around you as you drive off into the sunset in your Tesla.
The Dignitary

You match with: Black Panther; Wonder Woman; Professor X; Thor -- You’re a natural-born leader. You live comfortably and feel confident in your financial security, and you use that cushion to instead focus on helping your community flourish. Whether you’re using the tech of the future, a lasso of truth, a hammer, or good ol’ fashioned brain power, you have worked extremely hard to get to where you are. You are fiercely loyal to those around you and would protect them at all cost. And most importantly, you never underestimate the power of having a solid team of family and friends to support you.
The Realist

You match with: Wolverine; Storm; Deadpool; The Punisher -- You see life for what it is. You’ve experienced the darker side of humanity, but that helps you appreciate the good in the world (whether or not you’d like to admit it!). You may have the occasional dreams of grandeur (I mean, who doesn’t?), but at the end of the day, you just want to do right by yourself and those around you. No matter what happens, you’ll keep fighting the good fight even when no one else will!
The Protector

You match with: The Incredibles; Fantastic Four; PowerPuff Girls; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle -- Nothing is more important than your family (related by blood or otherwise). You are part of a strong -- if quirky -- team, and you wouldn’t trade any of them for the world. Experiencing the world with your squad is so much more important than a collection of material possessions. You’re the most balanced superhero in planning for the future and enjoying every minute of the present. You’re always willing to help a friend with a favor because you know they’ll return it in kind. Bad guys beware - if they mess with any one of your team, they’re going to have a financially secure powerhouse to answer to!
The Altruist

You match with: Superman; Captain Marvel; Green Lantern; Captain America; Vision -- You are entirely selfless in your desire to help others. It is a calling that you have no choice but to answer, even if that means sometimes feeling isolated in the world. You are confident and kind, and good people are drawn to your optimism. You have no desire to chase after money or power unless you’re giving it back to your community or cause. We all know that with power comes great responsibility. Never lose sight of your mission - we need more people in the world like you!

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