The Clinic’s Journey to Creating Lasting Change

By Michael Dedmon | Policy Manager

Since our founding in 2005, The Financial Clinic has put nearly $80 million back in the pockets of more than 48,000 customers. Over the years, we have grown from an organization focused on serving the working people of New York City to one that partners with over 460 organizations across 42 states to build the financial capability of low- to moderate-income Americans. Our capacity building work and our national financial security ecosystems give us the privilege of working with diverse communities from coast to coast, further informing our perspectives on the challenges that working people in this country face every day

As the scope of our work has expanded, our ambition to achieve our vision of a financially secure nation has grown as well. We are excited to announce that later this summer The Financial Clinic will – for the first time – release a national policy agenda that will guide our advocacy efforts in the coming years.

The Clinic will focus on a set of national policy priorities we believe best represent the opportunities to make a long-term impact in the lives of the people we serve, wherever we or our partners serve them. These efforts are continually guided by our core principles. The first is the belief that our customers are experts in their own lives and that – better than anyone – they know the challenges they face and the resources they need to address them. The organizations and communities we partner with hold vital knowledge and our goal is to combine this experience with data and powerful stories collected directly from our customers through our financial coaching platform, Change Machine, to ensure they remain at the center of our policy and advocacy efforts. Second, we know that fulfilling our vision of building a financially secure America requires addressing historic racial and gender inequities in economic opportunity created and sustained by our political institutions and public policies. Our advocacy will elevate the knowledge and capabilities of our partners and customers to support policies that remove systemic barriers, empowering minority communities to build lasting financial security.

The powerful combination of data we collect through Change Machine, the knowledge and expertise of our partners across the nation, and the lived experiences of our customers have reinforced our belief that many of the most significant barriers low- to moderate-income people face when attempting to build financial security are the result of systems and institutions that make it impossible to get ahead. Empowering individuals with the information and the skills they need is too often not enough; policies at the local, state, and national level can exacerbate the hardship families experience every day.

For this reason, the Clinic leverages our standing in the financial security field, our partnerships, and our unique customer data to develop and advocate for new policies that will create lasting change. In 2016, we partnered with the Citizens Committee for the Children of New York (CCCNY) and the New York Asset Development Coalition to pass the Refund529 bill. This legislation allows New York State tax filers to split their state refund and deposit a portion directly into a 529 college savings account. This new opportunity for tax time savings makes it easier for low- to moderate- income New Yorkers to invest in themselves and their families, access assets that build wealth, and give their children the necessary resources to attend and graduate college.

Our goal is to now apply the lessons learned from this successful campaign to a range of issue areas that will expand opportunity for working people across the country. We look forward to expanding this dimension of the Clinic’s work and joining with our customers and partners to advocate for policy changes that build a more financially secure America.