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Newsletter Issue: January 2019

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Upcoming Events:

  •  January 22nd– Community Training: Our Financial Security Framework
  • February 5th– Community Training: The Key to Coaching
  • February 13th– Community Training: Maximizing Your Change Machine License
  • February 19th–  How to Apply Financial Coaching Principles to Your Workforce Development Program

The Financial Clinic Launches New Ecosystem with JobsFirstNYC

The Financial Clinic is launching a new two-year financial security ecosystem in partnership with JobsFirstNYC and funded by the Pinkerton Foundation. This ecosystem will focus on embedding financial coaching into youth workforce programming by building the capacity of eight to ten Young Adult Sectoral Employment Project (YASEP) organizations.

Be on the lookout for more news about this exciting new project!

The Year-End Campaign


The new year marked the end of the Clinic’s 2018 year-end campaign. This year we were able to more than double our $5,000 goal and raise $11,683. Thank you to everyone who donated to this campaign and helped us end 2018 on a high note! Your contributions bring us that much closer to our goal of a financially secure nation.

If you are looking to donate to The Financial Clinic, please visit our website to learn how you can contribute!

The End of FinancialWorks

The Financial Clinic’s role in the FinancialWorks ecosystem came to an end at the close of December. In partnership with
UnidosUS and funded by the Prudential Foundation, FinancialWorks aimed to embed financial security practices into UnidosUS’s Financial Capability Network. FinancialWorks has served 20 organizations, reached 74,000 people across the country and provided light touch financial coaching to over 9,000 customers.

Thank you to everyone who made this project such a success. Although the Clinic’s role in this project may be over, the work will continue on under the leadership of UnidosUS. We cannot wait to see all of the successes to come!

Change Machine Radio

A new episode of Change Machine Radio, Connecting Financial Goals to Cultural Values available now! Listen to this episode to hear about how cultural background can affect customers financial choices and goal setting.

You can find the newest episode of the podcast here. While you are on our site, be sure to check out our first two Change Machine Radio episodes that are all about banking.


Social Media Spotlight


This month, Policy Manager Michael Dedmon wrote a blog post about the effects of the government shutdown on low-to-moderate income citizens and government workers.

“Up to 450,000 of these government employees won’t be receiving a paycheck this Friday despite working throughout the shutdown, and there are thousands more who have been furloughed while the negotiations over reopening the government continue. Although the majority of the furloughed and all essential employees will receive back pay for the time lost to the shutdown, many staff working for government contractors, like cleaning and food service employees, will not. This loss of income presents a huge risk to these less financially secure employees who already receive significantly fewer protections and are paid much less.”

Read the full post here.

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