Lisa’s Story

Like most customers, Lisa arrived to her first financial coaching session with a problem.

She owed over $100,000 in student loans and, despite working full time, struggled to manage her payments. Lisa had missed two payments in a row and was anxious to get back on track.

Our financial coach dove right in and the two worked together to comb through Lisa’s monthly expenses. When they noticed that a large expense category was “craft supplies,” Lisa explained that she and her partner were publishing a book together. She had been purchasing supplies to finish the book’s illustrations.

Without prompt, Lisa launched into her financial goal: she wanted to marry her partner and start a family. She was in love, but knew she needed to find solid financial ground before she could take the leap. Over the course of several months, Lisa and her coach reworked her budget, mapped out a timeline for her book, and identified spending areas to reduce in the interim.

Lisa was able to balance her budget and get her loan payments back on track. She and her partner are putting the final touches on their book and making plans. Lisa’s future is looking bright.

Financial coaches work with customers like Lisa every day. While budgeting helped Lisa regain control of her finances, it was her goal to marry her partner and start a family that gave her the energy and determination to change her spending habits.

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