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Newsletter Issue: June 2018

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The Financial Clinic Announces National Policy Agenda

This May, the Clinic announced its national policy agenda.  As part of our vision to create a financially secure nation, we are focusing on the root of many of the problems our customers face: policies that have a disproportionately negative impact on the financially insecure. The success of Refund529 has shown us the monumental difference this work can make, and with this new agenda, we hope to continue creating positive change for our customers for years to come.

“The powerful combination of data we collect through Change Machine, the knowledge and expertise of our partners across the nation, and the lived experiences of our customers have reinforced our belief that many of the most significant barriers low- to moderate-income people face when attempting to build financial security are the result of systems and institutions that make it impossible to get ahead. ” –  Policy Manager Michael Dedmon, The Clinic’s Journey to Creating Lasting Change

Introducing TRAIN!

TRAIN joins LEARN, COACH, and SHARE as an all new addition to the Change Machine services suite! It includes everything a trainer needs to facilitate a training for staff or other members of their network, including professionally designed tipsheets and worksheets! The addition of TRAIN to Change Machine will increase sustainability by allowing organizations to internally facilitate trainings that will have all the tools and resources for the specific needs of their staff. To learn more or to set up a demo, email:

Plus, tune in for our July 12th webinar from 2:00 to 3:00 pm EST for the unveiling of our exciting new Transformation Toolkit (TRANSFORM).  Big things are happening.  Register here today!

RSVP for SHARE Live NOLA Today!


If you will be in the New Orleans area TOMORROW, June 5th, join us for SHARE Live, a happy hour networking event where you can meet the people you have been talking to on SHARE, face to face! Build real life connections and learn more about the work we are doing in partnership with the Greater New Orleans Foundation (GNOF).

Space is limited so be sure to RSVP now!

A Special Preview of the Clinic’s New Podcast: Change Machine Radio

The Clinic is launching its very own podcast! Created by award-winning Senior Financial Coach, Kristen  Baker, Change Machine Radio aims to make financial coaching strategies accessible to anyone who needs them. Kristen offers solutions to the common, persistent challenges her customers face – yet there are thousands more people in need who are unable to see her personally for help. Through Change Machine Radio, Kristen, her team of Clinic coaches, and field leaders will discuss common financial challenges and offer actionable solutions, no matter your experience (or lack thereof) in personal finance.

Listen to our newly released official trailer! Plus, keep an eye out for new episodes – Change Machine Radio’s first full episode will be released in June, discussing challenges related to Banking.


In May, the Clinic joined in on the effort to  raise awareness about a new bill that would increase the work requirements for SNAP, cut $20 million from the program, and be potentially detrimental to many families across the nation, many of which are the customers we work with every day. Although the bill has been taken off of the floor, it is likely that we will see it again in the months to come. Because of this, we urge everyone to check out #HandsOffSNAP and #FarmBill2018 on Twitter to learn more and stay informed.

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Clinic Across the Country: Speaking Engagements, Presentation, and Features

  • Becky Smith and Mae Watson Grote present at the public launch of Change Machine.On April 19th, Manager of Service Delivery Alma Rojas hosted a webinar with Hacienda Community Development Corporation (CDC) and Credit Builders Alliance.
  • Founder and CEO Mae Watson Grote attended a meeting of the Aspen Consumer Insights Group on April 24th.