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Newsletter Issue: August 2018

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WorkBOOST National: 3 Months Later

This past April, The Financial Clinic launched WorkBOOST National with support from the MetLife Foundation. WorkBOOST National is a three-year initiative that brings financial security approaches to scale. In 2018, the Clinic partners with seven workforce development to partner organizations in North Carolina and Ohio. We are pleased to share that three months in, the initiative is already delivering amazing results:

  • Our expert financial coaches have had individual coaching sessions with 40+ people
  • 172 customers have received light touch coaching at the seven sites
  • 59 customers have completed 219 financial security building actions
  • 58 staff members have been trained to be light touch financial coaches

WorkBOOST National currently partners with seven organizations and plans to serve twelve more organizations in three additional states in 2019. We are so pleased with the progress WorkBOOST National has made and excited about what the future of this program holds! Below is a story that illustrates the amazing work being done by our WorkBOOST National partner organizations and the impact it is having on their customers.

  • Khadra* has big plans. Born in Somalia and raised in the United States, Khadra is currently in training to get her CompTIA
    A+ and Net+ certifications to begin working in IT support. Khadra is using financial coaching to plan for her future. Once she completes her training and begins working, she wants to begin saving to move back to Somalia. Her family owns a farm in Somalia, and Khadra wants to save money to install an irrigation system on the farm to improve crop yields and support the local community/economy. Longer term, she also sees herself starting a business as an Internet Service Provider in Somalia. Through financial coaching, Khadra has learned the steps that she can take now to begin planning for these goals and set herself and her community up for success.

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*Name has been changed

ChangeMatters: A Sneak Peak

Later this month, The Financial Clinic will unveil ChangeMatters, a comprehensive research series that aims to leverage Change Machine data to solve some of the most formative issues facing working poor Americans nationwide. The Clinic will combine this data with over a decade of experience in one on one financial coaching, and stories of our customers’ resiliency, to make sure that in this age of boundless information — where everyone is a policymaker, product innovator, and a disruptor of long-held ‘best practices’– we are asking the right questions. Find out more on August 15th when ChangeMatters officially launches!

Social Media Spotlight


This July, The Financial Clinic has been giving our social media followers a glimpse into the many reasons why we do what we do by using our social media pages to explain why we created Change Machine. Each week, be on the lookout for a brand new inside look into the Clinic’s vision, mission, and inspiration. We hope that you are motivated by these messages and share them with those around you!

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Change Machine Radio

Be sure to check out the first two episodes of Change Machine Radio, The Financial Clinic’s all-new podcast. These episodes are all about banking!











Clinic Across the Country: Speaking Engagements, Presentation, and Features

  • Director of Capacity Building Kate Reeves, and Manager of Service Delivery Laura Christensen-Garcia spoke on a panel at the
    UnidosUS Conference discussing financial capability and The Financial Clinic & UnidosUS ecosystem FinancialWorks.