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Newsletter Issue: October 2018

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National Financial Goal Day And Your Support Needed


This month we celebrate the power of financial goals, paying extra attention to goals that inspire us every day and setting goals for a happier and healthier financial future. In honor of the occasion, The Financial Clinic is running a month-long campaign to support our vision of a financially secure America.

Please consider making a donation today and help us unlock a 100% match when we reach $2,500 raised. Click here to make a donation, view our progress, and read customer stories about the power of setting financial goals. Don’t forget to share our campaign posts with your networks on FacebookLinkedIn, and Twitter!

Thank you for your partnership – we simply couldn’t do it without you.

Department of Homeless Services Launches New Program in Partnership with The Financial Clinic 

Department of Homeless Services announced the launch of their new Financial Independence Now program in late September.

In partnership with The Financial Clinic and CUNY School of Professional Studies to train 471 case managers and shelter executives to help clients with everything from setting up low or no cost bank accounts to checking and maintaining their credit scores, all with the goal of obtaining long-term housing.

Learn more about this partnership here.



ChangeMatters is our initiative to combine the richness of Change Machine’s customer data with more than a decade of experience in providing expert one-on-one financial coaching. The goal? To leverage our wisdom — and our customers’ resiliency  — to solve some of the most formative issues facing working poor Americans nationwide.

Check out the ChangeMatters webpage where you will find our announcement piece as well as our first issue brief, a comprehensive profile of consumer debt on Change Machine.

The Case for a Nonprofit Vision and Leadership

nLIFT (Nonprofit Leaders in Financial Technology) has recently released their manifesto Fulfilling the Promise of Fintech: The Case for a Nonprofit Vision and Leadership.

The manifesto speaks about the role that nonprofits need to have in fintech to ensure that technology not only serves those in the financial mainstream, but also those who arguably need it most, working poor Americans.

Compiling data from founding nLIFT members: Commonwealth, Earn, The Financial Clinic, Mission Asset Fund, MyPATH, National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions, and Neighborhood Trust, the manifesto makes the case for why nonprofits need to be included in the fintech conversation and the opportunity fintech presents to create a more financially equitable society.

Read more about this exciting mission here.

News From WorkBOOST National

Year two states for WorkBOOST National have been chosen! The second year of implementation will take place in Texas, Kentucky, and California.

If you are looking to learn more about our financial security ecosystems, or become a part of year two of implementation, check out our website, where you can find WorkBOOST National news, successes, and information on how you can get involved. The deadline to submit a proposal is November 7th!


Social Media Spotlight


The Financial Clinic has been highlighting our all new capacity building tool TRANSFORM.

TRANSFORM is a dynamic framework aimed at accelerating a partnering organization’s progress toward implementing financial security strategies into their existing programs. If you are looking to learn more about TRANSFORM check out the Clinic’s webpage. Also, be on the lookout for more tweets and posts about this exciting new tool on all of our social media pages.

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Clinic Across the Country: Speaking Engagements, Presentation, and Features

  • Assistant Director of Partnership Management Megan Kursik, Chief Program Officer Haidee Cabusora, and Director of Program Innovation Darren Liddell spoke at the Prosperity Summit from September 5th to September 7th.
  • Director of Program Innovation Darren Liddell, Manager of Service Delivery, Amy Cao and Products Associate David Bautista attended the Common Cents Lab Fall Workshop from September 11th to September 13th.
  • Manager of Service Delivery Zoe Goodman attended the NYETC Conference on September 20th.
  • Founder and CEO Mae Watson Grote spoke on a panel at the Qualitas of Life Financial Inclusion and Technology Conference on September 27th.