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Newsletter Issue: July 2018

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The Financial Clinic and UnidosUS Celebrate Partnership

In celebration of our partnership with UnidosUS, we are thrilled to share some of our successes and lessons learned.

The Financial Clinic and UnidosUS partnered to create the FinancialWorks ecosystem which aims to build financial security for 40,000+ people across the nation. Currently the ecosystem is building the financial coaching capability of 14 organizations in Arizona, California, Illinois, North Carolina, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and Virginia.

As of April 2018, the FinancialWorks ecosystem has successfully promoted and introduced financial security outreach to 17,616 community members, and conducted financial security workshops and engaged in one-one-one conversations, otherwise known as light touch coaching, with 2,365 customers. Many of these customers went on to connect to financial coaches for more in-depth support to address immediate concerns and/or work towards a financial goal.

With another year of FinancialWorks to come, we are excited to continue to expand tour reach by serving more customers and deepening the financial security expertise of our affiliates’ frontline staff. All of the participating organizations have shown a commitment to adding financial security practices to their services, and we are inspired by the impact this work is having on the communities they serve.

If you are looking to hear more about FinancialWorks, The Financial Clinic will be speaking at a workshop discussing the ecosystem at the annual UnidosUS conference this month.

Introducing TRANSFORM!

TRANSFORM is The Financial Clinic’s brand new resource for organizational change. Based on years of providing capacity building services to over 500 organizations nationwide, the Clinic built TRANSFORM to aid organizations in all stages of program implementation.

From the first step of understanding how your participants’ financial insecurity effects the success of your mission, to leveraging programmatic data and analysis into more impactful services and advocacy efforts, TRANSFORM can support embedding financial security activities into your organization’s existing programs! A dynamic resource, TRANSFORM allows organizations to prioritize the following elements into a comprehensive and concrete action plan:

  • Program Asset and Mapping
  • Development and Stakeholder Cultivation
  • Goal and Vision Setting
  • Outreach, Marketing, and Communications
  • Service Delivery
  • Partnership Building
  • Infrastructure and Staff Support
  • Lasting Change

To learn more about TRANSFORM, tune into our July 12th webinar from 2:00 to 3:00 pm EST register here today!

Social Media Spotlight


In June, The Financial Clinic partnered with BNY Mellon and Ashoka in their Unlocking Change Challenge- a nationwide competition to source leading innovators working to foster financial wellbeing for underserved communities.

The Challenge supports the most promising social entrepreneurs whose community-driven innovations have the power to increase financial wellbeing and stability for individuals or communities across the country. The top entries will receive funding, a collaborative digital platform to connect with peers, and feedback from the BNY Mellon and Ashoka team of thought leaders.

Submissions ended June 13th, and we are excited to see the difference these promising ideas will make in their communities. Click here to read more.

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  • From 6/13 to 6/15 Assistant Director of Capacity Building Jared Marling led FWCA & The Financial Clinic Organizational
    Development Sessions
  • Partnership Associate Erica Davis attended the CBA symposium on June 28th.