October 15th is National Financial Goal Day – a day to set goals that motivate us to improve our financial behaviors. While the event only comes once a year, our financial coaches help working poor Americans build financial security and achieve their financial goals all year round. Please consider making a donation today to continue this work and help us reach our goal of a financially secure America by 2020. Thank you for your support!

If you prefer to donate by check, please make your donation out to The Financial Clinic and send it to 254 36th Street, Suite B321, Brooklyn, NY 11232.

Monica’s Story

When Monica arrived at her first coaching session, she was prepared. She pulled out her phone and ran down a list of goals sorted by order of importance. Needless to say, our financial coach was intrigued.

Esther’s Story

In 2017, she made an appointment with a financial coach because she wanted to build credit but wasn’t sure how.

Lisa’s Story

Lisa had missed payments two months in a row and was anxious to get back on track. She was intent on maintaining her credit score and alluded to big plans for the future; Lisa was worried that her recent delinquency would have permanent repercussions.