Welcome to ChangeMatters. Our initiative will combine the richness of Change Machine’s customer data with more than a decade of experience in providing expert one-on-one financial coaching. Our goal is to leverage our wisdom — and our customers’ resiliency  — to solve some of the most formative issues facing working poor Americans nationwide.

Today’s data-driven world has rendered all of us experts, policymakers, product innovators, and disruptors of long-held “best” practices.  Time and again, data has been catalytic in understanding the true scope of a systemic problem, and the solutions needed for lasting change.

When applied to the fields of economic inequality, poverty alleviation, and financial security, we seek to answer and adapt an age-old question for the Big Data era:  In an era where it’s possible to collect data on, well, pretty much anything, how do we know if we’re asking the right questions?

The goal of ChangeMatters is to make sense of the data we’ve collected, contextualize our analysis within the broader needs from the communities we serve, and parlay our findings into systems-level solutions.  These solutions will aim to address financial insecurity and the complex economic landscape that families in the chasm between poverty and mobility navigate every day.

We believe that we have a social and moral responsibility to use our data as a “force for good,” to constantly look at problems from a new angle, and to ensure our perspectives are coupled with the right methodology, that we are always tackling the right question.


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