Viviana Steinberg, Financial Coach

Viviana Steinberg, Finance Associate

Finance Associate

Viviana Steinberg

Viviana Steinberg is the Finance Associate with The Financial Clinic. She was born and raised in San José, Costa Rica and moved to New York 10 years ago.

When she started working at The Financial Clinic in April of 2015 as a financial coach with the Office of Financial Empowerment program, it was her first experience in the nonprofit field, offering an incredible journey, full of learning experiences for personal and professional growth.

Viviana works with low-income New Yorkers who are financially struggling and in need of help to overcome the challenges of poverty. She coaches in three different organizations through New York City: Make the Road, Catholic Charities, and the Bronx Family Justice Center. Each organization’s vocation is different, but they are all dedicated to their clients and members’ well-being, by providing services that mesh with financial coaching to best help the low-income population become more financially secure. She is active in working with these partners on projects to improve practice to better serve the clients.

Viviana graduated with a degree in Business and Finance from ULACIT, Universidad Latinoamericana de Ciencia y Tecnologia and earned a Master’s of Science in Public Accounting in 2014 from Mercy College. She absolutely loves what she does – it is very rewarding knowing that she is helping people to feel more empowered to tackle their debt and therefore alleviate their financial distress. Her caring nature doesn’t end there – she never leaves her house without kissing goodbye to her cats – also to ensure they are not trapped in the closet.