Emily Petrie, VITA Program Manager

Emily Petrie, VITA Program Manager

VITA Program Manager

Emily Petrie

Emily Petrie joined The Financial Clinic in October 2016 as the VITA Program Manager. She was a member of the Clinic’s tax season staff for the 2015-16 tax season and is thrilled to be able to turn her role as the in-house “tax nerd” full-time.

Emily is responsible for making tax season happen: from building relationships with sites and external partners, to hiring, training, and managing tax season staff and volunteers, to calculating exactly how many staples are needed at a given site.

Before joining the Clinic, Emily worked as a school administrator at Catholic schools in the South Bronx, where she built critical internal systems around enrollment, finances, and operations.

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Education and Social Policy from Northwestern University with double majors in Social Policy and Legal Studies.

Outside of work, Emily is co-leader of a Girl Scout troop in East Harlem, active in the young adults leadership at her UU church, an avid cook/baker/canner, and an occasionally successful gardener.