Sindhi Polubothu, Assistant Director of Data Analytics and Evaluation

Assistant Director of Data Analytics and Evaluation

Sindhi Polubothu

Assistant Director of Data Analytics and Evaluation, Sindhi Polubothu joined The Financial Clinic in August 2017. In her role, she focuses on the data and evaluation processes of The Financial Clinic’s services such as direct services, capacity building, financial security ecosystems, and research and policy. She has skills in statistics, data analytics, and research methodology.

Additionally, Sindhi has experience in the accounting and financial fields as an auditor and as a financial valuations consultant, including earning her Certified Public Accountant certification in the state of New York. She has previously had nonprofit experience on the volunteer board of the Younger Women’s Task Force where she held financial literacy workshops for young adults. She is interested in helping the working poor achieve financial security though data analysis and evaluation of services.

Sindhi has completed her Masters at Columbia University in Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences and her Bachelors at Boston University in Business Administration. In her free time, she likes to listen to podcasts, play video games, and is a big fan of basketball.