Director of Product Management

Peter Olivier

Peter Olivier, Director of Product Management

Peter Olivier, Director of Product Management

Peter Olivier joined The Financial Clinic in December 2017 as the Director of Product Management. In this role, Peter leads the design and development of the Change Machine platform.

Prior to joining the Clinic, Peter spent two years working in microfianance before joining Endeavor, a New York-based nonprofit that works to support entrepreneurs building and scaling companies in emerging markets. There, he evaluated companies from 20 countries and managed the organization’s selection process before moving into a product management role and designing and launching an online platform for the network’s entrepreneurs and mentors. He then joined Agora for Good as Chief Product Officer and oversaw the launch of a platform for effective philanthropy. Most recently, Peter had the pleasure of being a stay-at-home dad.

Peter holds BAs in International Relations and Spanish from Tufts University. He lives in the Hudson Valley, and spends his time cooking and eating with his wife, dreaming up startups with his friends, and carrying his son around on his shoulders.