Jasmine Perez - Operations Associate

Jasmine Perez –Operations Associate

Operations Associate

Jasmine Perez

Jasmine Perez joined The Financial Clinic in October 2016 as Operations Associate. She provides support to the team and is an expert in creating and maintaining the utmost levels of organization.

Prior to the Clinic, Jasmine was a Training Administrator in the Training and Technical Assistance Department at Community Connections for Youth, a nonprofit dedicated to juvenile justice, where she also provided support to the Operations Department.

She published a report on the 2016 Brooklyn Community Board 6 Community Needs Survey and worked with the federal and city government for over two years, in addition to serving as consultant/development intern for the College &Community Fellowship.

Jasmine holds a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts from City College with a concentration in Human Services. She is also passionate about food with a specialty in baking cheesecake. She has a best friend in her young daughter Jenise, and although she is a picky-eater now, Jasmine is confident she will come to love food just as much as she loves her!