Director of Capacity Building

Kate Reeves

Kate Reeves is the Director of Capacity Building at The Financial Clinic.

Kate joined the Clinic in 2010 as a Financial Coach providing one-on-one financial coaching services across New York City.

She now leads the Clinic’s partnership and capacity building work that supports social service agencies and government agencies around the country to embed financial security strategies into their existing service delivery model through training and technical assistance.

Prior to joining, the Clinic, Kate worked on community development projects in Pennsylvania, Louisiana, and Honduras. Kate holds a Master of Public Administration from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs and a Bachelor of Arts from Lafayette College in Economics and Business.

Kate is a New York City transplant from Colorado, but still loves exploring the outdoors with her coonhound, Annabelle.

Kate Reeves, Director of Capacity Building

Kate Reeves, Director of Capacity Building

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