Gina Cappuccitti, Financial Coach

Gina Cappuccitti, Financial Coach

Financial Coach

Gina Cappuccitti

Gina Cappuccitti joined The Financial Clinic in August 2017 as a Financial Coach. She provides one-on-one financial coaching services to individuals requiring support to build their financial security. Gina is currently stationed across three partner sites, providing coaching in English and in Spanish.

Gina came to the Clinic after working in international development for five years. During this time she worked in nonprofits ranging from microfinance to public health in Honduras, Ecuador, and the Dominican Republic. Her time spent working in microfinance opened her eyes to the diverse ways in which personal finance impact the lives of low-income families, ultimately influencing her decision to work as a financial coach.

In addition to working across a range of nonprofit sectors, she has also gained experience in different departments at her previous jobs. This has allowed her to play roles in operations, strategic planning, program evaluation, and development. Gina received her BA degree in International Relations from SUNY New Paltz.