Andy Collado, Financial Coach

Andy Collado, Assistant Director of Services

Assistant Director of Services

Andy Collado

Andy Collado is the Assistant Director of Services for The Financial Clinic. He joined the Clinic in 2016 as a Financial Coach focused on housing insecurity. In his current role, he supervises the direct services financial coaching team, and is instrumental in strategizing and creating plans for the future of service delivery. He also manages the SectorBOOST financial security Ecosystem, where supports workforce development organizations based in New York City, and provides financial security content training and technical support to frontline staff and one-on-one coaching to program participants. He is a fervent supporter of bringing knowledge gained on the front line to decision makers on policy, and can be found representing the Clinic on media requests and city council testimonies.


Andy came to the Clinic with over a decade of experience in the financial services industry with roles in brokerage firms, retail, and private banks, with significant experience serving clients from low-income to ultra-high net worth.


Outside of the Clinic, Andy is an unapologetic superfine of his home borough, Queens, which informs his many interests through its cultural and culinary diversity. He loves to explore the city with his wife and two daughters. He is also involved in nonprofit arts organizations and can be occasionally found writing and performing his own poetry.