Clement Chan, Product Associate

Clement Chan, Product Associate

Product Associate

Clement Chan

Clem joined The Financial Clinic in June 2015 as the Partnership Associate, before moving to his current role as the Product Associate in February 2016.

In this capacity, he develops and manages the financial security content and online community on Change Machine; ensures coaches’ success through tech support and virtual training; and improves the platform through quality assurance and product management support.

Before joining the Clinic, Clem was a writer and editor with Groupon Malaysia for three years, using the craftsmanship of words to improve sales. His passion in personal finance led him to volunteer as a tax preparer under New York Cares during the tax season of 2015 and 2016, and was involved with the pro bono committee of the Financial Planning Association of New York.

Clem has a Bachelor of Business in Economics and Finance from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, and he’s currently pursuing his Certificate in Financial Planning at New York University.

He currently lives with his husband in Queens, and whenever he can, travels to enjoy what nature has to offer.