Assistant Director of National Accounts

Christine Auwarter

Christine Auwarter joined The Financial Clinic in 2018 as the Assistant Director of National Accounts. She provides leadership to the Clinic’s account management team and helps partner agencies better support their customers and achieve their missions by embedding financial security strategies into their programming and services.

Prior to joining the Clinic, Christine oversaw programming for the New York and Bay Area offices of the Taproot Foundation. She helped nonprofits build organizational capacity by designing and managing strategy, marketing, HR, and technology projects with pro bono consultants. She has also worked as a disaster response specialist for the American Red Cross, providing program and process improvement recommendations for the Bay Area region.

She holds a Master of Public Administration with a concentration in nonprofit management from the University of Southern California and a Bachelor of Science in environmental studies with a minor in ecology from Stanford University.

Outside of work, Christine enjoys amateur botany, eating Mexican food, and spending as much time as possible in Prospect Park.

Christine Auwarter, Assistant Director of National Accounts

Christine Auwarter, Assistant Director of National Accounts

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