Bridget Tate, Manager of Service Delivery

Bridget Tate, Manager of Service Delivery

Manager of Service Delivery

Bridget Tate

North Carolina-based Manager of Service Delivery, Bridget Tate, joined The Financial Clinic in May 2018, to provide support to frontline staff in the WorkBOOST National ecosystem and direct services to their customers. She has spent 15 years in the nonprofit financial arena with a unique ability to reach a variety of demographics and to meet people where they are, while assisting the in navigating their personal and systemic financial barriers.

Bridget’s passion for nonprofit work comes from her own struggles becoming a single mother by age 23 with two children under the age of 5. As she navigated a financial system that was both foreign and uninviting, she often saw others becoming left behind. On many occasions, Bridget found herself advocating for others in her same situation who did not possess the articulation or information she did. She quickly realized her journey was not just for her but to help others succeed.

Prior to joining the Clinic, Bridget was the Deputy Director of a HUD Consumer Credit/Housing Agency, where she was instrumental in creating strategic partnerships that led to capacity building opportunities to reach and educate more consumers. She previously worked for MMI, the largest Debt Management Agency nationally, and has been both a bankruptcy counselor as well as a DMP counselor. Bridget hold certifications in Consumer credit, Fair Housing, FCRA, Loss mitigation, pre-purchase, an HECM. In 2018, she was a part of the $4 billion Community Benefit Plan announced by First Tennessee Bank. She is looking forward to continue being a part of the Durham Mayor’s end poverty initiative by supporting local nonprofits and the community in bridging the economic gap.

Bridget lives by the idea, “If there is no seat at the table for me, I will build my own table!”