Full Stack Product Developer

Brian Bier

Brian Bier, Full Stack Product Developer

Brian Bier, Full Stack Product Developer

Brian Bier joined the Clinic in 2018 as a Full Stack Product Developer. He is the lead developer for the Change Machine platform and is responsible for maintaining and developing the new Salesforce COACH application.

Prior to this, Brian worked as a financial coach at The Financial Clinic from October 2014 to December 2015. Following his first tenure with the Clinic, Brian was a developer at Familiar Studios. He is passionate about technology and creating web-based applications that can change the world.

Brian received a Bachelor of Science in Public Accounting from Mercy College in 2013 and has a certificate from Codeacademy for Front-end Development. He also has a certificate in web development from Dev Bootcamp which he received in 2016. Brian is also proficient in various programming concepts and languages.

Brian enjoys sports cars and driving with no set destination.