Assistant Director of Services

Alyssa Keil

Alyssa Keil joined The Financial Clinic in December 2014. Prior to becoming the Assistant Director of Services, Alyssa was Implementation Lead for the second cohort of WorkBOOST NYC, and worked as Senior Financial Coach, overseeing the Clinic’s Financial Empowerment Center project and providing financial coaching at the Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens Family Justice Centers. For the past two years, Alyssa achieved the Most Customer Outcomes of all Financial Empowerment Center counselors in New York City, in addition to receiving the 2015 awards for Most Customer Sessions and Highest Retention Rate.

Before the Clinic, Alyssa worked as the Financial Aid Coordinator at the University of Denver for over four years, in addition to work with the financial literacy program, CashCourse, at the National Endowment for Financial Education and Denver Shared Spaces, where she completed a market feasibility study to analyze potential revenue streams.

She holds an MBA with a concentration in Nonprofit Management and a BSBA from the University of Denver.

Her favorite holiday is Opening Day for the Colorado Rockies, and when not at work, Alyssa enjoys exploring Brooklyn and hanging out with her two cage-free bunnies, Milo and Scout.

Alyssa Keil, Senior Financial Coach

Alyssa Keil, Assistant Director of Services

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